Social Contribution

TL Scholarship 2020

A score of Cambodian local university students could benefit from the scholarship for their higher education each year.

Young Cambodian students over 18 are encouraged to major in pedagogy, natural science, applied science, medicine, engineering (electrical, chemical, civil and mechanical), civil & commercial law, journalism, design, architecture and literature as well as other creative content subjects to benefit from the scholarship.

Interested students and organisations should contact us for details.


TL Internship

TL Group offers Cambodian local university graduates a 3 to 6-month paid internship for a high quality job training through TL`s day to day high-level business activities.

The internship will focus on administrative, organisational and management skills as well as marketing, finance, business development, product & market development, market research, etc.

The TL Internship beneficiaries will receive the certificate of internship to foster a solid ground for their future endeavours in securing an employment.

Community Movement for Clean & Smart Cities in Cambodia

As an environmentally-friendly enterprise that does its utmost to protect and preserve Cambodian nature, resources and community environment, TL Group strives to invest much of its corporate energy into mobilising communities to keep their neighbours clean, safe and attractive for future generations.

A Community Clean-Up Day: Each month, TL promotes, encourages, calls and leads willing communities to clean up the areas that needs the most urgent and immediate attention for clean-up. Individuals & organisations interested in the community movement should contact us for details