Chairman's Message

Welcome to TL Group!

Thank you very much for your interest in our company and for visiting our humble website today.

Starting a business is exciting. Operating a business to see growth and expansion is even more exciting. Generating maximum operating profits, however, is surely the most exciting achievement for any entrepreneur, for maximum profit is definitely the primary goal of any business at any time in any human society dominated by the core ideology of capitalism.

The idea of pursuing maximum profits at all cost without a clear vision on how the profits could be utilised for our society in today`s business world, however, seems to be not only exhausting for businesses but also rather pernicious for humanity.

Our primary corporate goal, at TL Group, therefore, does not stop at generating indefinite, maximum profits through our businesses. We, at TL Group, dream, think, foresee and plan much further, beyond our maximum profits, that is; the wholesome goal of contributing to our society`s betterment with our profits for the sake of humanity in general.

Ultimately, turning our dreams into reality by transforming our society`s dynamic and bountiful resources into prosperity for all within the parameters of integrity and honour is the very purpose of TL Group`s current and future business endeavours.

With our key mottos Novelty, Innovation and Prosperity for Humanity, TL Group`s conscientiously defined vision of establishing one of the most successful social enterprises in South East Asia will always help us focus on our objectives and priorities, execute the course of our high-end business strategies and tactics and yield successful results for many years to come.

Wishing you a wonderful day,
Yours sincerely,

Oknha Thean Lee
Phnom Penh, Cambodia